How to Send Crypto from Binance

How to send crypto from Binance to other wallets and specific addresses has been simplified in this guide. Many people experience challenges navigating through binance. However, worry less because this guide helps you send crypto from Binance to other wallets, addresses, or even binance users. 

Note: For you to transact in binance, you must verify your identity. It takes several minutes. All they require from you is your Identification document and a selfie to verify your identity. If you want to save on time, kindly download the Binance app on your mobile gadget and head to ‘Identification.’ You can ignore the verified plus for now as it’s not a requirement for transactions. 

Withdraw or send crypto from binance

Now, for you to send crypto to a particular address and Network, it means that you withdraw from your wallet and add it to another wallet. The steps are as below: –

Step 1:

  • Login to your Binance and go to the wallet
  • Under the wallet, select funding wallet

You will land on a page as below: – (Assume the reflecting balances in the illustration image).

send crypto to an address in binance

Step 2: 

From the funding page, select withdraw: Click withdraw on the above page. (As hinted earlier, you are withdrawing crypto from your wallet but to another wallet).

This particular selection will land you a page like the one below: –

withdrwal crypto, send crypto, send crypto to address

Step 3:

On the identified page, you are to provide three pieces of information 

  • Select coin
  • Insert and confirm the address 
  • Select and confirm Network

Note, pay attention to the Network you choose. Any mistake in this section can lead to a loss of money. For instance, if you are sending USDT (Tether), make sure you select a compatible network like BNB Smart Chain (BEP20), BNB Beacon Chain (BEP2) any other specified by the receiver. 

To be on the safe side, use the Network specified in the payment/transfer details by whoever the receiver is.  

Complete payment. 

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